After the usual networking and socializing Pub hour, the members and guests sat down for dinner.
Anders Nurmi , club President, welcomed everyone and introduced the host of the evening, Anders Nordin.

 The dinner started with herring tidbits smoked Salmon and a few traditional sing- alongs. The main course was  poached Salmon with vegetables and potatoes in hollandaise sauce, followed by apple pie, and then tea, coffee and cookies, all this was well received by the group.
A new member who attended for the first time was introduced, Andrei Khotumov, originally from Ingria, now Bellingham who has a most interesting field of work in agri-consulting in many countries across the world including North Korea!

The speaker for the evening was Aila Karpio, Honorary vice Consul of Finland. The subject was to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Finland.
During her captivating presentation, Aila took us through the eventful Finland history, starting with the crusade of Swedish King Eric in 1157,  through epic and successive periods of struggle, association and domination by Danish, Russian and Swedish kingdoms.
In 1917, Finland declared independence. In ensuing years the country also strained through the Russian Winter war in 1939 and the loss of Karelia province. Factoid: Did you know that Britain declared war on Finland in 1941?
Economically Finland has adapted admirably over time from Agricultural, Forestry, Technology, to a Service based economy.
There is currently a blossoming climate of entrepreneurial activity including gaming, and systems applications.
As shown in a short film, innovation in technology and applications will be key to the future Finnish economy.

After a question period, the successful evening was concluded with thanks to Aila, and a farewell to members and guests until next meeting .  

Anders Nordin 

UBC Voyage - A Special Presentation

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    UBC Voyage


In April, in addition to our regular speaker, we were given a special presentation by Torbjørn Reitan Fyrvik who told us about the UBC Voyage Project. The goal of the project is to design and build a fully autonomous research vessel which will be tested in the Atlantic Ocean. The team is currently working on the project but they are looking for assistance. Click the link below to learn about the project, its status and how you can help make it happen!

2018 April, Torbjørn Reitan Fyrvik

Christmas Party Sponsors 2017

We wish to acknowledge the following businesses and individuals for their generous support of our annual Christmas Party. Our sponsors for the 2017 Scandinavian Business Club of BC Christmas Party are:

Swedish Press
Tom Dunn
Linda Lee
Jan Nordin
Anders Nurmi - Pacific Viking Enterprises
Lauren Kunimoto
Kevin Kunimoto
Michelle Madsen
Paul Andreassen
Solvi Stokholm - Stokhom Insurance Services Ltd. / The Cooperators
Salt Paradise Wellness and Detox Centre
Steve Bottomley - West Coast Flyer Delivery
Skinnydipper Recreation Club
Hypersonic Internet Services