February 25, 2018

Snow fun! End of February and Winter wants to remind us that it’s not over! Makes one wish for tropical destinations!
That has to be the best AGM I’ve attended! Hope you made it out on Feb. 14th for our combination AGM and Jokester Evening dinner event, a lot of people did as we had 50 in attendance! Our very own, Steve Bottomley, organized the evening of comedians, and what a line-up! I don’t know how he managed it, but we had 9 comedians perform, not all hit the mark with our audience, but that’s the way it goes. It was a fabulous, funny night, topped off with headliner Simon King, you have to check out his stuff on his website and You Tube videos. Somehow Steve managed to snare him to come out to our little event, way to go Steve! I would be remiss to not mention the few brave souls from our audience, who got up to tell a few jokes during open mic (I won’t embarrass them by name).
I don’t know how we’ll top this for our AGM next year, but we’re thinking of trying this concept again with a few tweaks, and maybe it will turn into the annual Scandinavian Business Club Comedy Festival? Let us know your thoughts and suggestions.
So, what happened at the AGM? Well, if you’re a paid-up member you will receive the minutes and attachments, but here are the highlights:

  • We had 22 of 29 members in good-standing in attendance, easily surpassing quorum.
  • 2017 financial statements were presented by Michell Madsen, Treasurer, and were adopted unanimously.
  • Elections for Directors to the Board resulted in a Steve Bottomley, Michelle Madsen, and Solvi Stokholm being re-elected to two-year terms (by acclimation as we have more openings than candidates). There were no other nominations received for director positions. Directors with a year remaining in their terms are Paul Andreassen, Tom Klausen, Henrik Laursen and Anders Nurmi.
  • Anders Nordin resigned from the Board with one year remaining in his term, due to other commitments, namely being President of the Swedish Canadian Rest Home Association. We wish Anders success in his role.

I have to send a shout out to Kate and her team, as they did a fabulous job of making and serving us delicious asparagus soup and Danish open-face sandwiches (incl. herring, of course)!
So, what’s next you ask? Well, if you haven’t heard, our March 14th event will feature the Consul General of South Korea, in Vancouver, Mr. Gunn Kim. This is an honour and great opportunity for us, with all that’s happening over on the Korean peninsula, the Olympics, North Korean tensions, some surface thawing during the Olympics, and with Mr. Kim’s background of diplomatic postings, including having been Director-General and Ambassador for North Korean Nuclear Affairs. We expect this event to be very well attended, and we hope that all of our own Scandinavian Consuls are able to make it out.
In April we have lined up Susan Cartwright-Coates as our presenter. Susan is the third generation to lead family-owned and operated Cartwright Jewelers in New Westminster, which was founded in 1933 by her grandfather, James Daniel Cartwright. She will talk to us about the challenges of keeping a small business current and relevant through the decades and renewing and growing the business. This will be of interest to anyone owning, running, or thinking about, a small business.
Our events for May and June aren’t solidified yet, but we’re in discussions with Ballard Power Systems, Bard on the Beach, Christopher Gaze, and MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates, amongst others, we’ll keep you posted.
Final thoughts, while we had a good quorum turnout at the AGM with 22 of 29 members in good standing, what gets me is that we only had 29 members in good standing as of the 14th of February! Where are all the other past members who I would have expected to renew their memberships by now? We need your support!
See you soon!

Anders Nurmi
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

UBC Voyage - A Special Presentation

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    UBC Voyage


In April, in addition to our regular speaker, we were given a special presentation by Torbjørn Reitan Fyrvik who told us about the UBC Voyage Project. The goal of the project is to design and build a fully autonomous research vessel which will be tested in the Atlantic Ocean. The team is currently working on the project but they are looking for assistance. Click the link below to learn about the project, its status and how you can help make it happen!

2018 April, Torbjørn Reitan Fyrvik

Christmas Party Sponsors 2017

We wish to acknowledge the following businesses and individuals for their generous support of our annual Christmas Party. Our sponsors for the 2017 Scandinavian Business Club of BC Christmas Party are:

Swedish Press
Tom Dunn
Linda Lee
Jan Nordin
Anders Nurmi - Pacific Viking Enterprises
Lauren Kunimoto
Kevin Kunimoto
Michelle Madsen
Paul Andreassen
Solvi Stokholm - Stokhom Insurance Services Ltd. / The Cooperators
Salt Paradise Wellness and Detox Centre
Steve Bottomley - West Coast Flyer Delivery
Skinnydipper Recreation Club
Hypersonic Internet Services