President's Message
September 6, 2018

Wow, it’s September! Yes, we’re late getting this newsletter out. First a little slow getting back into all this after the summer break, and second, we were trying to secure a speaker for our September dinner next week as our original prospect was not able to be confirmed. However, the result is an even better topic and speaker!
Back to our summer. I’m glad we have finally been getting relief from the hot weather and the smoke and air advisories. I’m hoping everyone has had an enjoyable summer and is relaxed and energized to get going again with our Fall program of dinner events.
It seems so long ago now, but our last event back in June was excellent! Glenn Sigurdson gave us an excellent insight into the issues and background around indigenous peoples and communities, with both historical and current context. Glenn has a deep understanding and somewhat unique perspective of the whole context, having grown up on Lake Winnipeg as part of a family involved in the fishing industry there (which he has written about in his book, Vikings on a Prairie Ocean). Glenn is a mediator and lawyer, also Honorary Consul for Iceland, and works largely in building partnerships and resolving differences, with particular interest and specialty in regard to First Nations peoples. I learned a lot, had many great takeaways, and came away more enriched from Glenn’s presentation. For the second year in a row, we were treated to BBQ burgers and hot dogs by Vera’s Burger Shack, which were enjoyed by all.
Did you make it out to the Midsummer Festival, also back in June? I know a number of people were away and couldn’t make it, but hopefully some of you did as it was a great weekend.
As mentioned above, we will be back at it on Wednesday September 12th with a dinner event featuring Danish Open-face Sandwiches on the menu, always a favourite and a great way to kick us off. The feature presentation will be “Scandinavian Importance to the BC Forest Industry” by our very own Henrik Laursen. Henrik has extensive experience with forest products and provides his expertise and consulting in product and market development through his business, Danvik Marketing Services. The B.C. Forest Industry has a long history with people from Scandinavia. This extends to Alberta as well, and further East. The industries include: engineering, shipping, logging and forestry to pulp and paper and, of course, also sawmilling.
Regarding our Annual Scholarship Award, we had planned on this being presented at our September dinner, but are postponing this to October. We had some great applicants and are finalizing our selection.
Well, that’s it for now, and I hope to see you next week, or sometime soon!

Anders Nurmi
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UBC Voyage - A Special Presentation

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    UBC Voyage


In April, in addition to our regular speaker, we were given a special presentation by Torbjørn Reitan Fyrvik who told us about the UBC Voyage Project. The goal of the project is to design and build a fully autonomous research vessel which will be tested in the Atlantic Ocean. The team is currently working on the project but they are looking for assistance. Click the link below to learn about the project, its status and how you can help make it happen!

2018 April, Torbjørn Reitan Fyrvik

Christmas Party Sponsors 2017

We wish to acknowledge the following businesses and individuals for their generous support of our annual Christmas Party. Our sponsors for the 2017 Scandinavian Business Club of BC Christmas Party are:

Swedish Press
Tom Dunn
Linda Lee
Jan Nordin
Anders Nurmi - Pacific Viking Enterprises
Lauren Kunimoto
Kevin Kunimoto
Michelle Madsen
Paul Andreassen
Solvi Stokholm - Stokhom Insurance Services Ltd. / The Cooperators
Salt Paradise Wellness and Detox Centre
Steve Bottomley - West Coast Flyer Delivery
Skinnydipper Recreation Club
Hypersonic Internet Services