President's Message
March 1, 2019

Hello All!
Well, we’re going to try again, since we cancelled/postponed our February event due to the weather conditions we will be repeating it for March. Also, because of that, there isn’t much to update on this month and much of this message is the same.
Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) for our members, is on March 13th at 7 – 7:30pm; you must be a member in good standing to vote (2018 calendar year to present, if you’re not sure, ask). We will review the financials from 2018 and vote on some board of director vacancies to be filled. Dinner will be served up right after the AGM (Salmon as the main, with trifle for dessert), to be followed by our second annual Jokesters event! Our very own comedian, Steve Bottomley, has organized 3 talents to entertain us, Bryan Hanson, Julia Stretch, and headliner Andy Canete! Well done Steve! We will also have an open mic for anybody who wants to get up and tell a joke, Scandinavian flavoured jokes are preferred!
Regarding the board vacancies that will be voted on during the AGM, I may as well advise what some people already know, and that is that I am stepping down as President but may stand for re-election to the board as a regular director to facilitate and assist with transition for the new slate of officers. Therefore, you will also be voting for a new President on March 13th.
Our speaker committee is hard at work lining up speakers for April and beyond, stay tuned for updates. Also, never too early to start planning to attend the Midsummer Festival in June! And, of course, mark the date for the Annual Scandinavian Christmas Party on Saturday December 7th, come one, come all! We will feature the traditional Scandinavian Christmas Smörgåsbord, and this year our musical entertainment will be provided by a DJ.
See you soon!

Anders Nurmi
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