President's Message
April 25, 2019

Greetings from Frankfurt!
As write this, I am in the midst of preparing for a flight to Germany for a much needed vacation and break from the busy work schedule that I, and so many of us, keep. I will be think of my favorite club, though, when you all sit down to dinner in May and I will wish, just briefly, that I could be there with you.
We had a great dinner in April and enjoyed a very informative and engaging presentation by Kristoffer Vik Hansenof Spare. Kristoffer related his oddly convoluted story of how he began in Norway with an interest in nautical engineering and wound up as a software developer in Canada.

James A. V. Bligh
Coming up in May we have James A.V. Bligh, an architect in Vancouver. His topic will be "Bringing Scandinavian architecture to B.C.".

I hope you are all looking forward to another great dinner by Kate Pragel and an interesting guest speaker. I look forward to joining you all again in June.


Paul Andreassen
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