If you missed our March 8th Dinner & Speaker series event, then you missed a great one! We had 46 people who first enjoyed another wonderful meal prepared by Kate Praegel and her team, with herring and salmon on bread appetizers, yum, frikadeller (Danish meatballs) and lemon mousse. It’s a good thing I run so I can work off all of that deliciousness! We were honored to present our 70th Anniversary Legacy Scholarship Award to Aleea Dahinden, who was in attendance together with her proud parents, Michelle and Martin. Aleea is a student at UBC enrolled in Scandinavian Studies courses, and she told us of plans to complete her studies in this next year, and then wanting to travel to Sweden to immerse in the culture by living and working there. Congratulations Aleea, and our best wishes to achieving your goals!

Our feature presentation on electric vehicles, by Bruce Stout of the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association, was very interesting and eye opening. He and his colleague, Peter Miller, brought their own electric vehicles, a Tesla Model S, and a Chevrolet Bolt, to show and demonstrate. Electric vehicles (also referred to as plug-in electric vehicles) have silently been moving from the fringe to the mainstream, and are becoming a seriously viable choice for many people. Proven factors such as reliability, longevity, low operating cost, and low maintenance cost, as well as ever increasing availability of charging stations, increased range, and decreasing upfront cost. Worries about batteries, longevity and cost to replace, have also proven to not be a concern. While battery development continues to improve their capacity, reliability and cost, the fears have waned as reality is that manufacturers are confident in that aspect of the vehicles and are offering strong warranty coverage on both the battery and drive units (i.e. you can get a Tesla with an 8 year, unlimited mileage, warranty on both items). Maintenance costs of a pure electric vehicle are very low. Consider that there is no transmission, no differential, no engine requiring oil changes or tune-ups, the brakes last much, much longer (as the electric motor can act as a regenerative braking system). Operating such a vehicle around cities is now quite easy, but even longer road trips are very possible with just a bit of planning, as Bruce has proven with a trip across Canada, and even a weekend jaunt to Edmonton. Simple changes that are making electric vehicles more understandable for consumers, are a change from expressing the energy use of vehicles and charging in terms of kilowatt hours (kWh) to kilometers of range and kilometers per hour (of charging).

Scandinavia, in particular Norway, is a hotbed of electric vehicle adoption. With the highest number of plug-in electric vehicles per capita (in 2016, 21.5 registered per 1,000 people), and 30% of new car sales, Norway is well on its way to achieving a goal that by 2025 all new cars, buses and light commercial vehicles shall be zero-emission (electric or hydrogen). There is a lot of interesting reading on how they have gotten to this point and planning to reach their goals, and also interesting for a country that is in a strong economic position due in a large part to exploitation of oil resources.

APRIL 12th:

Please join us for a presentation on Air Service Development at YVR (Vancouver International Airport) as we are pleased to welcome Kyle Galbraith, Manager, Air Service Development, to enlighten us on the happenings and goings on with the successful Vancouver Airport Authority. Our menu for dinner will be Chicken Cordon Bleu (herring and salmon appetizers, and pears baked in sherry for dessert).


Please check our events calendar below and on our website (www.sbc-bc.ca) for a great lineup of upcoming events that our speaker committee have worked hard and arranged for your benefit.

MIDSUMMER FESTIVAL at the Scandinavian Community Centre (June 17th and 18th):

We will once again be there to support to this great annual event, this year our table will be in the Danish tent. Please plan to attend and join us in spreading the word about the Scandinavian Business Club of BC.

CHRISTMAS PARTY Saturday December 2nd:

Mark the date in your calendars for our annual Christmas Party, featuring a Scandinavian Christmas smorgasbord dinner, entertainment, dancing, door prizes and, of course, socializing with fellow party goers!


Application deadline is May 10th! We are actively soliciting and accepting applications from eligible persons, get them in to us sooner than later.


If you haven’t renewed your membership for 2017, or haven’t made the leap to signing up? Please talk to us about getting this done. We need your help and support in order for us to continue to provide the Annual Scholarship Award, and to bring you the fabulous lineup of events. None of this happens without your help and support, and it all starts with a commitment to being an active, paid-up, member (only $50 a year)!

Finally, we want to hear from you, our members (past, present and future), about what we are doing right, what we can do better, or differently, things you would like to see us do, and generally what do you see for the future of the club and how it works for you and the community. This is informal for now, but I hope to start a more formal effort to look at this, and how we can be better and stronger as a club for the Scandinavian business community.

Happy Spring! See you soon,

Anders Nurmi

Dear Members:

We had a fabulous Christmas Party. A big thank-you to everyone who helped in making it a success, especially to Paul Andreassen, Solvi Stokholm, Anders Nurmi, and Tom Dunn, who organized and promoted it, and our sponsors who are listed on our Home Page! The welcoming sound of the Runeberg Choir and the glögg got us right into the Scandinavian Christmas spirit, and Richard Tyce's S-Bahn band entertained us with great live music through the evening, and enjoyable dance music late into the night. And Kate had made a delicious, traditional Scandinavian Christmas smörgåsbord for us.

The January dinner was a great start of the new year with a delicious Scandinavian dinner, and a very interesting multimedia presentation by Jason Robinson about his relative Roald Amundsen, who was the first explorer to reach the South Pole - "Roald Amundsen’s Message To Us - 100 Years Later". This was indeed a Scandinavian subject, and the evening had a very good attendance of 51 attentive listeners!

Please join me in congratulating our member Thomas Gradin, former Hockey Player, now Swedish Consul in Vancouver, who is being inducted into the BC Hockey Hall of Fame 2017 - Congratulations to Thomas!

Please join me also in welcoming new members Sigrid Alsaker and John Madsen, who recently joined our Club, and help introduce them to our membership at our dinners and special events.

We have now reviewed applicants and selected one UBC student to receive our 70th Anniversary Legacy Scholarship of $2,000. There will be a brief Award ceremony at our March 8 dinner.

Wednesday, February 8th is our AGM - Please note the timing, as we start the AGM at 7 PM sharp, and then have dinner at 8 PM. The bar will open at 6 PM as usual.

Come forward, participate and learn more about your Club. The nominating committee was in session until Monday the 16th, and reported that two of the current directors, whose two year terms are up, will not stand for re-election, and one director has resigned. For the upcoming AGM, we have an opening for one additional new candidate to the board of directors, as one new candidate has already stepped forward. Please let us know in good time before the AGM, if you are interested in standing for election to the board of directors.

If you cannot commit to becoming a director, please consider volunteering

for a few events or special tasks during the year.

This is your opportunity to get updated on the financial status of your Club,

ask questions, participate in conversation about issues which are important to

the future of your Club, make suggestions and provide a mandate for the next

Board of Directors.

If you haven't already paid the $50 annual membership fee, please remember to pay up, so that you will be able to participate and vote at the AGM You can register and pay the membership fee online on our website.

See you for good fellowship and a great time at the AGM on February 8th and be sure to come and listen to an exciting surprise speaker engagement on March 8.

Skål & Best Regards,

Jan Nordin