10th Anniversary - 1956 -
- 1956 10th Anniversary -

The Beginning..

The seed to start a Scandinavian Businessmen's Club was sown in the early part of 1946 at a luncheon hosted by the Danish Consul Mr.Jessen. Present at the luncheon were the Norwegian Consul Herculles Worsoe, the Swedish Consul Karl A. Stahl and Captain Kaare Sylling. Beside their official consular appointments all present were engaged in business ventures.

It was felt that there was a need in Vancouver,B.C. for a Club, comprising of Scandinavian Businessmen, doing business in a predominantly British-Canadian environment, and an endeavor to promote common aim in the daily life of business. It was decided that membership should be by invitation only, and duly approved by the Club's Executive. A mandate was given to the persons present to contact possible members and to report at a meeting to be called by Consul Jessen.

At a meeting that followed the preambles mentioned, it was found that there was considerable interest for starting a Scandinavian Businessmen's Club. Founding work was put into action , and Consul Jessen appointed the Club's first President, representing the Danish Business Community. At the same time it was a unanimous opinion held that the presidency of the club should be alternated by different Scandinavian nationalities. The Consuls for Iceland and Finland joined the club from the beginning, and with good attendance the first membership meeting was held at Hotel Georgia. Positions as Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer were appointed, and a schedule for the forthcoming monthly meeting was stipulated. The Scandinavian Businessmen's Club was underway.

Executive meetings were held regularly in one of the executive's home or at the office of their business, generally ending in a pleasant social evening with a typical bill of fare, and looked forward to each month.

Planning the programs for the membership meetings were carefully worked on, particularly the engagement of a speaker, either dealing with the current business trend or any other subject of interest. The aim being of keeping the members eager to attend the next meeting. The President, or in his absence the VIce President, conducted the meetings with flair for dignity. Prior to dinner one of the members was obliged to say grace, and proper business attire was expected by all.

The first annual dinner was a great success held at Hotel Vancouver and ladies present. Official guests were invited, among these the Mayor of Vancouver or prominent business people in British Columbia, as well as the Premier or Minister in the Provincial Government. Following a good and well planned program there was dance to good Scandinavian music. Formal attire was always expected.

Quite early in the existence of the Scandinavian Businessmen's Club it was felt that apart from business interest and social functions there ought to be an outward community interest, resulting in setting up a scholarship fund open to sons or daughters of any members of the club, aimed at assisting young men and women in the educational endeavor, such as the performing arts or other steps in education. The scholarship has since been a worthwhile undertaking and given the club a status of importance.

Vancouver,B.C. March 3. 1988
Kaare T. Sylling