Ahhh, Christmas memories… the sun is up, morning run in Honolulu!

January 25, 2018

Great start to 2018 with our first event of the year!
On January 10th we hosted Allan de la Plante who gave us an enlightening and engaging presentation on his career, focusing on his photographic work on the Formula 1 racing circuit, but touching on many aspects. He loosely called his presentation “Opening Doors” and explained the opportunities that came along that he was able to pursue that were door opening moments. Many of these could be a whole presentation on their own, i.e. photographing and producing the official book of the 1984 papal tour of Canada by Pope John Paul II.

Allan began his presentation at the beginning, his upbringing in North Bay, Ontario, his father, his mother, and how this shaped and evolved him into his career. He explained that attending his first race at Mosport (racing circuit in Ontario) peeked his interest in photographing racing (his interest was performance cars). He saw journalists with a press pass getting access close to the action and behind the scenes, so he went and made his own ‘press pass’, and this worked for two years before he was discovered, but now he had experience and a door was opened. Allan kept us engaged and entertained for nearly an hour, which is long for our group, but it didn’t feel long at all, and we didn’t lose anyone (a testament to Allan’s storytelling and speaking skills, he is, after all, a Distinguished Toastmaster). BTW, his wife Angela Louie, is a very accomplished public speaker, having been awarded the silver medal at a World Championship of Public Speaking, and has achieved the very rare distinction of being an Accredited Speaker with Toastmasters (maybe a future presenter to the SBC?).
Allan talked about how he created and developed the innovative style of photographs he became well known for, superimposing a portrait of the athlete with a photo of them in action, be it a skier racing downhill, or driver and their race car. He shared some moments of his friend Gilles Villeneuve, talked about taking the most iconic photograph in Formula 1, and I could go on and on about Allan’s presentation, but you get the idea, super interesting and you had to be there, if you weren’t, too bad, we missed you and you missed another good event.
What’s coming up? Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) for our members, is on February 14th at 7 – 7:30pm; you must be a paid-up member to vote (if you’re not sure, ask). Right after the AGM will be our Jokesters dinner event with a whole slate of professional, semi-professional, and up and coming comedians from the Vancouver comic scene, featuring headliner Simon King! If you like a laugh, you will not want to miss this event! A huge thank you goes out to our very own funny guy, Steve Bottomley, for organizing this event and getting these amazing comedians to come out! We will also have an open mic for anybody who wants to get up and tell a joke, Scandinavian flavoured jokes are preferred (did I tell you the one about Ole and Lars…?).
You should make every effort to come out to our monthly dinner events! The good food, great presentations, extremely reasonable price, are all reasons to attend these events, but you will also want to come out to support and recognize all the hard work and effort that goes into each and every event by your SBC board of directors and speaker committee.
Getting down from my soapbox, I will now continue to highlight the upcoming programs. March will feature the Consul General for South Korea in Vancouver, Gunn Kim. We are honoured and privileged to have him speak to us with so many important world events happening on the Korean peninsula (good and not so good). While we don’t have April, May or June confirmed yet, we can tease you with who we are talking to, Ballard Power Systems, MDA (MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates), Jysk, a Canadian astronaut, Rocky Mountaineer, IKEA, and numerous others, just to give you an idea that there is a lot of work in the background to line up just one event, let alone the nine that we present every year (back on the soapbox).

Hope to see you soon!

Anders Nurmi
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