Jay James

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An Evening with Jay James, International Business Consultant, Philanthropist and Renaissance Man

Jay James opens the evening with a brief summary of his impressions of the future impact of the Canadian-European Trade Agreement, having had conversations with federal politicians closely involved with the deal. But at the heart of his talk is a story of childhood disability that led him on a miraculous journey of healing and self-discovery starting in Sweden and that today helps to enrich the lives of children across the globe. It also earned him a Golden Jubilee Commemorative Medal for ‘Exemplary Citizenship’. Jay James concludes his presentation with pertinent notes about Swedish philosopher and nobleman Swedenborg and shares a secret lurking in our own Club!

Don’t miss this fun, fascinating and eclectic evening with Jay James preceded by a delicious Scandinavian dinner and an hour of networking and fellowship.

You can find Business Navigator Services at http://www.businessnavigator.com or by clicking on the company name anywhere in this article.

Christmas Party


In December, instead of our usual monthly dinner meeting, we have our annual Christmas party. Our guests are welcomed into the hall by the cheerful sounds of the Runeberg Choir. We have a fabulous Scandinavian Christmas dinner, followed by dancing to live music.

Monthly Dinners

We have 9 regular monthly dinners per year, once each month except for July, August and December. Social hour starts at 6:00pm, dinner at 7:00pm and the dinner speaker starts at about 8:00pm. The dinner is Scandinavian and usually starts with herring and salmon open-faced sandwich appetizers and ends with coffee/tea and delicious Scandinavian desserts. The theme for the after dinner talk is usually business related and hopefully with a Scandinavian connection but we also schedule other speakers of interest. Two meetings of the year we have no speaker. Instead, in February we have our Annual General meeting where we discuss business for the upcoming year and elect our new board of directors. In June, we have our annual joke-telling contest and discover who, among us, is the best teller of jokes.

Midsummer Festival

Each June we have a booth at the Midsummer Festival on the grounds of the Scandinavian Community Centre. In addition to handing out information about our club, we also sign up new members. Everyone is invited to come out to enjoy this fun annual event. If you have time available, why not consider volunteering to help with our booth?

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