2017 October, Rnold Smith

Rnold Smith


A big challenge for small business owners, self-employed professionals, and even an employee looking for a raise, is answering the question, “Why you?”. I have asked hundreds of people this question and the vast majority don’t provide any useful information that tells me why I should buy from them specifically. In fact, most people say some form of the exact same thing! So then, how do you choose between two experienced Realtors, Plumbers or Graphic Artists etc.?

Your answer should be specific and concrete and be tied to what your ideal customers care about the most. In this talk I explain how to differentiate yourself so that you become more persuasive and get more customers without spending more money.

Rnold is a New Westminster based business growth consultant. He helps his clients acquire new ideal customers in the fastest, easiest and cheapest way possible based on their current circumstances. People work with Rnold because he is fun, has decades of business development experience and his strategies are easy to implement and based in reality.

He is executive director for the New Westminster Chamber of Commerce, the founder of the Business Collaboration Network, and President of the McBride Sapperton Residents Association.

2017 March, Bruce Stout

Bruce Stout, a Director and Past-President of the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association, has been driving a 100 percent Battery Powered Electric Vehicle (BEV) since March 2013.Bruce Stout VEVA

In May of 2015, Bruce and his wife Susan, drove their Tesla Model S, the 18,000 Kilometers, from Vancouver to Halifax and back, using only Canadian charging stations at an estimated cost of $36.

As overall winners of the E-Mazing race they visited more charging stations than any other driver during the one-month period of this cross Canada rally.

This is a great opportunity to get your questions answered about BEVs from someone who has driven BEVs over 100,000 kilometers.

  1. Bruce Stout – VEVA – 604-929-6782 Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association.

2017 May, Michael Geller

Michael Geller is a Vancouver based architect, planner, real estate consultant and property developer with four decades’ experience in the public, private and institutional sectors. Michael Geller
He is President of the Geller Group and serves as an Adjunct Professor in SFU’s Centre for Sustainable Community Development, and an affiliate of UBC’s Masters in Urban Design program. The Geller Group comprises Michael Geller & Associates Limited (MGAL), active in planning and real estate consulting; Laneway Cottages Inc. which is seeking opportunities to develop laneway housing around the region; and Geller Properties Inc., a builder of small, ‘niche’ residential projects including apartments for people who do not want to live in apartments.

Michael first visited Scandinavia as a young architectural student in 1969 and has returned on numerous occasions. His most recent visit was a tour of four Danish cities in Summer 2016.

2017 June, Michel Laberge

General Fusion was founded in 2002 with a goal to transform thworld’s energy supply by developing the fastest, most practical, and cost-competitive path to commercial fusion power.Michel Laberge

In 2006, Dr. Michel Laberge completed proof-of-principle experiments, and with the support of leading venture capital firms, General Fusion began building a team that today is recognized as a global leader in commercial fusion energy.

The company has now grown to a team of nearly 50 scientists at its world class laboratories in Burnaby, just outside Vancouver, where it is developing the key components of the world’s first fusion power plant.

General Fusion has been recognized globally for its work in clean energy technology, and is a member of the Cleantech Global 100 (2014, 2015, 2016/17) as well as the recipient of numerous Canadian and international cleantech awards. In the media, Dr. Laberge’s 2014 TED Talk about fusion energy has attracted over one million viewers, and the company has been featured in publications such as TIME Magazine, Scientific American and BBC Horizons.

Fusion energy has the potential to create a cleaner, safer world, and General Fusion is developing the technology to make it available as soon as possible.

2017 January, Jason Robinson

Jason Robinson is the Founder and CEO of Sustainability Television - a Canadian based social media network with thousands of ideas for improving your health, your home, and your community. His Jason Robinson
company’s tagline is "Good stories, about good people, doing really good things".

Roald Amundsen, born in 1872 near Oslo, Norway, left his mark on the Heroic Era as one of the most successful polar explorers ever born. He became the first to travel the Northwest Passage, in his ship Gjoa, in 1903-06. He led the Antarctic expedition of 1910–12 which was the first to reach the South Pole, on 14 December 1911. These are but two of this intrepid explorer’s many explorations and adventures. As a distant second cousin of Roald Amundsen, Jason has researched, written and spoken on the topic of his famous relative numerous times and is excited to make this presentation to the Scandinavian Business Club.

Prior to founding Sustainability Television, Jason held various finance-related positions, has been deeply committed to community service, and is a frequent speaker on the topic of sustainability, innovation, and the media. An outdoor enthusiast, Jason enjoys hiking, swimming in the ocean, and has a passion for understanding how the world works.

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