Dan Johnson

Managing the Risk of Fraud and Security Awareness for Business

Dan is a forensic investigator and certified fraud examiner with over 25 years experience in criminal and civil investigation utilizing innovative strategies and techniques.  In private practice, he specializes in litigation support, preparation of evidence for legal opinion, consulting, and fraud prevention programs.  Dan’s evidence in regard to a $70,000,000 class action law suit had been challenged and accepted by the BC Court of Appeal.  He is also employed in the financial sector of the provincial government as an investigator.
Dan is a recently retired member of the Canadian Military Police with extensive experience in criminal investigations, military security and national intelligence operations. He has held the position of Military Security Advisor for mainland BC post 9/11.

Dan has completed studies at BCIT to obtain a Bachelor of Technology degree in Forensic Investigation where he specialized in Economic Crime.  He has developed an innovative “Technology Assisted Self-auditing Internal Control Structure” (BCIT Graduation Project) for non-profit organizations to assist auditors by direct tracing of all financial transactions.  This project is sponsored by a leading audit software company.  Dan has also recently participated in a special project conducting business privacy compliance reviews on behalf of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada through a special BCIT sponsored project.