Tribute to Dr. Theodore Maiman, Professional Focus, Personal Warmth

Kathleen Maiman

What was Ted Maiman, inventor of the world's first laser, really like as a person?  I had the pleasure of being Ted's wife for 23 years; meeting him on a 747 flight after he was inducted into the Inventors Hall of Fame along with Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and the Wright Brothers.  When we started talking I felt an immediate comfort as if I had known Ted all of my life. I will share with you the scientist and the profoundly kind and gentle man.  I will explore why he was successful against very difficult odds and speak of politics, mischief, and the potent public relations 'spin' which played a role in his life.  Through personal stories of Ted's life, you as business professionals, will recognize your own tribulations and the sweetness success brings.

Just before Ted swept me off my feet I finished an Emergency Medical Technicians program with the thought of becoming a Physician's Assistant.  After my experiences in Real Estate sales and writing radio advertising, I found I had much interest in the medical field.

Kathleen and Theodore Maiman