Geoffrey Hansen

Geoffrey Hansen is the Managing Director of Rocket Builders, a management consulting firm specializing in helping technology companies grow and prosper. Geoffrey is a seasoned executive with management experience in software development, product management, product marketing, and venture capital. He had several successful startup companies, but is probably best know as the former General Manager of Multiactive, as an investment manager with the Western Technology Seed Investment Fund (Ventures West), and as a market analyst for B.C.'S Ready to Rocket list of high growth technology companies.

At each company Mr. Hansen has been a founder, executive or investor with, gaining industry recognition well beyond the size of the company has been a hallmark. Mr. Hansen is actively researching emerging technologies and business models and is a well respected analyst of future trends and business opportunities.

Exploiting New Business Opportunities - Lessons from the Launchpad

Emerging technologies present opportunities for businesses, new or old, to rocket upward to new levels of revenue. Taking lessons from companies that have successfully demonstrated explosive 'rocket' growth, Mr. Hansen will explore the technologies and business models driving growth in today's markets. Mr. Hansen will provide practical and entertaining tips for selecting opportunities, removing risk and maximizing success based on years of success in predicting potential and optimizing growth in emergent opportunities.