James Laitinen


James Laitinen is a Regional Director at Alma Consulting Group, a management consulting firm specializing in research & development tax credits across Canada
and throughout Europe.

James has experience with financial management, including performance measurement systems, due diligence, strategic tax planning, and value-based management. Critical skill sets include project management, process improvement, and strategic business analysis.

Mr. Laitinen’s background includes several sectors - private companies, public companies, government, and nonprofit's. Mr. Laitinen frequently contributes volunteering his time to the Certified Management Accountants – Vancouver Chapter, Toastmasters International, and APICS: The Association for Operations Management.

Personally, he is an enthusiast of stand-up comedy, hockey, golf and a proud supporter of the Canadian Red Cross. To learn about James’ latest adventures he is @jlate on twitter.

Key Drivers of Innovation – Global Lessons to Drive Growth

The demands of global customers are changing the tides and fortunes of Canadian corporate organizations. The essence of successful organizations is build on a foundation of innovation that brings new ideas, leverages the talent and skill set in our human resources and empowers organizations to bring state of the art products to market.

The benefit of innovation drives value for shareholders and customers alike. But how does innovation happen and what are the key drivers behind successful organizations that implement innovation in their core business and derive value through the use of innovation tax credits to reduce financial risk and improve bottom line performance.