Jorna Neuvonen

Exporting University Education and Expertise: International Engagement at UBC


“Great universities are bridges between communities and continents. Hubs of intellectual and cultural interchange, they embody the values of respect and service while expanding
opportunities for individuals to carry these values into the world.” (the UBC Plan).

In the last twenty years UBC has developed from a mid-size regional university to a large, internationally recognized university. UBC is currently hosting students from more than 150 countries and has built strong academic ties with universities around the world. The Faculty of Forestry has one of the most diverse student bodies on campus. Nearly 1/4 of our undergraduate students are international representing 27 countries and almost 60% of graduate students come from outside of Canada representing 41 countries. Faculty has strong ties with China, India and Europa in many levels.



Jorma Neuvonen has been Director of Special Projects at the UBC Faculty of Forestry since 2007. He provides leadership and organization for new education and training programs, represents UBC Forestry in international fora, and coordinates international activities, symposia, delegations and agreements leading to the establishment of collaborations in research and education internationally. Besides academia, he has worked as a consulting forester internationally with work experience from Canada, Finland, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Philippines and India.