William Ting

William W. Ting – Investigator

Enforcement, Investigations

William Ting is a first-generation immigrant, born in Hong Kong, what he would like to call a cosmopolitan, and highly confused, dot in the world.

Immediately after graduating at SFU with a degree in Finance, William joined the Case Assessment Branch at the BCSC as an investigator. He would work in that unit for the next 9 years. In that role, William dealt with the public, listening to hundreds of stories from victims of fraud, and offering educational information to those victims so they knew about their choices. Then, William completely switched careers to become a photographer. Being somewhat of a rebel at heart willing to challenge the status quo, and, being someone who has never been afraid of technology, William stumbled upon a career with Apple Canada. He stayed with the World’s most admired company for over 4 years, inspiring others to Think Different©.

William recently rejoined the BCSC as an investigator in the Enforcement Division, with a renewed sense of mission to assist the public. William has also sung with the world renowned Chor Leoni Men’s Choir for 13 years.