Simon Wosk


Simon Wosk will present each of the tastings, imparting his knowledge and expertise to highlight their distinctions and features increasing our enjoyment.  Brian’s presentation will also provide us with a state of the BC wine industry, delving into what’s new, what’s interesting and what’s in vogue.



Brian Berry


Brian brings more than 20 years of extensive experience in the food and beverage industry.  Brian has worked as a retail level buyer with both Vancouver based Liberty Wine Merchants and at a private club/restaurant, as well as F&B Director for the prestigious Vancouver Club.  His experience also includes running the import arm of Liberty Wine Merchants and key national agency Authentic Wine & Spirits, as Masi's brand ambassador for British Columbia, and as the Director of Sales and Marketing in British Columbia for Lifford Wine & Spirits.  Brian sits on the board of Directors for the IVSA (Import Vintners & Spirits Association), the largest representative body of beverage alcohol importers in Canada.