Honorary Consul General for Iceland, Glenn Sigurdson


Glenn is a renowned mediator and lawyer in his day job, and on the side, he is the Honorary Consul General for Iceland. He is also an author, having penned the book “Vikings on a Prairie Ocean” in which he blends personal memoir, family history and Icelandic lore in a unique and wide-ranging autobiography. Vikings on a Prairie Ocean brings to life the people and places of Lake Winnipeg since the arrival of the Icelandic settlers to its shores in 1875 through the engaging lens of a family legacy of fishing on those waters. (http://prairieocean.ca/)
Beyond authoring this book, in his regular life (http://www.glennsigurdson.com/) Glenn Sigurdson has been known as a mediator, negotiator, lawyer, facilitator, adjudicator, economist, teacher, writer, but now all of these influences have melded and today he states, “I lead without owning” “working in the space between”. Much of his work is within and among companies, communities, civil society organizations, and governments in the public and private sectors, building partnerships and resolving differences. My role is to deliver a special kind of leadership as the “man in the middle”. Today many would describe this as the work of a Social Innovator.