Susan Cartwright-Coates


My grandfather always said, “if you can see over the counter you were old enough to work”.  That was the start of a career and a passion.  I am a third-generation jeweler as my grandfather, James Cartwright started the business in 1933, my father, Don Cartwright followed in his footsteps.  In 1985 I joined the family business and have in turn taken it over.  This year we celebrated our 85th year in business.  My philosophy is “Always give back to the community for they are the ones who are supporting you.”

Excellent customer service has been and will always be the cornerstone of our family business, combined with consistent top-quality craftsmanship and design.  This is the reason for the continued success of our jewellery store.  As a third-generation business it is truly an honour to serve customers who dealt with my father or grandfather and to help their children and their children’s children.

Susan has been happily married to Brian for 25 years. Susan’s daughter Chelsea runs Cartwright Jewelers E-mails, all social media; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Susan is the very proud Grandmother of 4 little munchkin’s, and another one on the way in August.  Life is good!