President's Message
February 27, 2020

We are finally turning the corner and heading towards Spring. Less than a month to go and already there are early flowers showing in some yards in the Lower Mainland.
We had a lively Annual General Meeting as a start to our dinner meeting in February. We returned two hard working directors to the board for two-year terms - Solvi Stokholm and Steve Bottomley. Thank you Solvi and Steve for your hard work for the club. We also elected a new director, Tammy Stefansson-Evans, also for two years. Tammy has been helping the board as a volunteer for the past two years and agreed to join the board as a full director. Thank you Tammy, for your great help and suggestions and for your commitment to our organization!
We also debated a motion to raise membership dues by $10 for full members and $5 for spousal members. After a protracted discussion, the membership voted to table the motion pending further consideration by the board. This issue will be discussed at a future General Meeting.
We were also delighted to welcome two guests to our dinner, Jacob and Linn who are visiting from Denmark. As it happens, Linn is a physician in Copenhagen and has an interest in cardiology. She is working towards cardiology as a specialty while also working towards her Phd. This work has brought her to Canada to help spread the availability of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillators (AED's) in the community.  We were very happy that Linn has agreed to be our speaker for March and will tell us about the importance of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in the community to increase survival for persons with cardiac arrest outside hospital. She will share experiences with a novel citizen responder program where citizens can register to an app and be dispatched and guided to start early CPR and defibrillation if they are nearby a cardiac arrest.
We have also confirmed that our very own Tom Dunn will be our feature speaker in April and will be speaking about emergency preparedness for personal, family and business continuity.

Please join us on March 11th for a delicious Scandinavian three course dinner and a great talk about heart health and saving lives in our community!
See you soon!

Paul Andreassen
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